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All in one pellet mill save your space and labor cost

What is all in one pellet mill?

All in one pellet mill is also called integrated pellet plant, and mobile pellet plant.

It consists of a pellet mill, a hammer mill, a scraper conveyor, a mixing feeder, a cyclone separator, a vibrating sieve, and a electric control cabinet. All in one pellet mill can realize the function of raw materials crushing, mixing, pellet making, screening, cooling, and conveying.

All in one pellet machine can play the role of a small pellet production line. All the component devices are installed on one base and reasonably combined, so it can save a lot of floor space. Besides, it can be equipped with wheels that allow it to move anywhere conveniently, so it is also called mobile pellet plant. All in one pellet mill can save labor and time, meet the various pellet production demand of customers.

complete pellet plant
all in one pellet mill mobile

Specification of all in one pellet mill

Model Capacity (kg/h) Pellet Diameter (mm) Power (kw) Size (mm)
MPL300 250-350 6-12 41.25 3500*1960*3500
MPL400 350-450 6-12 49.25 3500*1960*3500

How does an all in one pellet mill work?

1. After you feed the raw materials into the hopper of the hammer mill, the hammer mill crush the raw materials into small sizes for making pellets.

hammer mill in all in one pellet plant

2. The draught fan transmit the crushed raw materials to the cyclone separator, which will remove the ash and dust in the raw materials.

3. Different kinds of raw materials will gather in the mixing feeder, which will mix the raw materials uniformly.

4. The mixed materials will get into the pellet machine, which will make the sawdust and wood chips into solid and cylindrical pellets.

pellet mill and vibrating sieve

5. The molded pellets come out from the pellet machine and pass across the vibrating sieve, which screens out the dust, powders and unshaped pellets.

6. The pellets pass across the vibrating sieve and fall into the scraper conveyer, in which the wood pellets get cooled and conveyed to the containers.

scraper conveyor and mixing feeder

7. The PLC control system manage the process flow of the all in one pellet mill. The frequency convertor will adjust the feeding and transmission speed to ensure continuous production.

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Advantages of all in one pellet mill

  • The pneumatic conveying system transport the crushed raw materials to the cyclone separator. Meanwhile, it connect with the vibrating sieve and scraper conveyor through soft pipes to cool the pellets and collect the powder and unshaped pellets.
  • The electric control system adopts Germany originated Schneider brand, which guarantee the safety of the operation.
  • The all in one pellet mill has upgraded for several times based on the feedback of customers, and it has absorbed advanced technology from Europe and America. It is one of TICO’s self-developed products.
  • All in one pellet mill integrates the component devices in one base. It takes much less floor space than complete wood pellet production line. Besides, it can be installed with 4 wheels that makes it convenient to move.
  • The PLC control system will mange the pellet production process automatically and save labors work. It only requires one person to control the panel.
  • Frequency conversion motors are installed in the feeder and screw conveyor to adjust the feeding speed and ensure continuous production.
  • All the main parts adopts hardened alloy steel. The wearable parts roller and die in the pellet mill can work for 800 hours at least. All the bearings are fully sealed to prevent dust.
components of all in one pellet mill

Application scope of all in one pellet mill

The all in one pellet mill is available to make biomass pellets, wood pellets and animal feed pellets. It is applicable to sawdust, wood shavings, crop straw, rice husk, mixed feed, etc. The wood pellet diameter is 6-10mm, density is 1.1-1.3t/m3, and the water content is lower than 8%.

Biomass pellets are convenient to use in heating stoves, boilers and power plant. They features high burning efficiency than wood and chips, low pollutant emission. The small and uniform size makes them easy to transport, store and use.

raw materials

How to operate the all in one pellet machine properly?

The hammer mill can crush the raw materials with the size under 20mm into 3-5mm. So the materials you put into the hammer mill should be under 20mm in size.

The raw materials should have 10%-14% moisture content. You need to dry it if the raw materials are too damp.

The pellet mill can produce wood pellets with the diameters from 6mm to 8mm. Choose the suitable pellet mill die according to your needs.

You can adjust the length and height of the scraper conveyor according to production needs.

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