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Small wood pellet production line

small wood pellet plant

Complete wood pellet plant is used to make biomass materials into wood pellet fuel. The production capacity is from 500kg to 2ton per hour. It is composed of a hammer mill, dryer, conveyor, pellet machine, conterflow cooler, and pellet packing machine, etc.

The small wood pellet production line can accomplish the whole process of wood pellet production, including raw materials crushing, drying, pelletizing, pellet cooling and packing. It applies to various biomass materials such as sawdust, wood chips, wood shaving, crop straw, stalk, rice husk, wheat bran, peanut husk, grass, alfalfa, hay, etc.

Small wood pellet plant

The core part of small pellet plant is the flat die pellet machines. The production capacity of one pellet machine is 200-800kg/h, and you can combine several sets to achieve higher capacity. We can offer solutions of 500kg/h,1t/h, 2t/h, etc. They are suitable for small or medium scale factory, farm and new comers of biomass industry. Small wood pellet plant takes up less space. They are easier to install and maintain, and the cost is lower than large pellet plant who adopts ring die pellet machine for pelletizing.

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Small wood pellet plant work flow

wood pellet plant work flow
500kg/h small wood pellet plant
wood pellet plant work flow
2t/h small wood pellet plant

Hammer mill for raw material crushing

Hammer mill is used to crush biomass materials such as straw, stalk, grass into small size(3-5mm). For pelletizing, the size of raw materials should be smaller than the hole size of flat die, or they may block the pellet machine and affect the molding rate. Hammer mills can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine, the production capacity is from 200kg/h to 2100kg/h.

hammer mill in small pellet plant
hammer mill in small pellet line

Conveyor for raw material and pellets transmission

Screw Conveyor is used to transmit materials from one process to the next. It can ensure the continuous production of wood pellet plant and reduce manual labor.

conveyor for small wood pellet plant

Dryer for reducing moisture content

Raw materials for making wood pellet should have water content between 10% and 18%. Dryer machine can lower the water content to required level, so as to improve the molding rate and pellet quality.

Dryer machine can be classified into airflow dryer and drum dryer 2 types. Airflow dryer applies to materials whose diameter is less than 5mm. It can lower the moisture content from 25-30% to 10-15%. Drum dryer applies to large-sized biomass materials. It can lower the moisture content from 35%-50% to 12%-15%.

dryer in small wood pellet line
drum dryer wood pellet plant

Flat die pellet mill for pelletizing

This is the core part of small wood pellet plant. It is used to process raw materials into solid pellets. The capacity of pellet mill determines the output of complete wood pellet plant. You can combine several pellet mills to improve the production. 

The flat die pellet mill can be classified into roller-turned type and die-turned type. The former one works as the roller rotate on the stationary die, the latter one works as the flat die rotate and the roller keep still. Roller-turned type has larger capacity and durable gearbox, while the die-turned type is more economical and portable.

small wood pellet mill
die-turned type
large wood pellet mill
roller-turned type

Counterflow cooler for cooling the pellets down

The high temperature in pellet mill will heat up the pellets. Usually they can cool down naturally. But if you want to pack them right after production, a pellet cooler can improve the efficiency. Cooling can also increase the hardness of wood pellets.

pellet cooler in small pellet production line

Pellet packing machine

If you produce wood pellets for sale or future use, packing them into bags is necessary. Packaging makes it convenient for storage and transportation, and protects wood pellets from water and air.

wood pellet packer

The above are components of small wood pellet plant. For specific situations, you don't have to collect all of them. For example, you can leave out the counterflow cooler and pellet packing machine if you produce wood pellet for self use. And the dryer is optional depending on your materials.

Advantages of TICO complete wood pellet plant

Rich project experience. We’ve built more than 40 wood pellet product line in domestic and overseas. We can provide customized solution according to different biomass materials and customers’ requirements.

After continual improvements and upgrades, we’ve achieved high quality and stability of our products. All our products can work continuously for 24h.

We’ve built an installation and commissioning team with efficient technique and rich experience. We make sure every machine delivered to customers are in the best status. We can help our customers to train eligible operators.

We have formal after-sale service system. For every customer, we have a specialized record, and a lifelong technical services representative. Solve any problems customer encounters in production.

In short, we aim to be the investment adviser for our customer. We’ll design the wood pellet project according to the raw materials and market condition, and work out the best investment scheme for our clients. If you have intention to engage in biomass industry, or you have biomass wastes to deal with, welcome to contact us in the form below.

small pellet plant project
small pellet plant project

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