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Electric hammer mill

wood hammer mill
wood hammer mill

Electric hammer mill is used to crush biomass materials into sawdust whose diameters is 3-5mm, a suitable size for making pellets or briquettes. Electric hammer mill applies to straw, corn stalk, peanut shell, weed, tree branches and twigs, wood chips and other agriculture wastes.

Application of electric hammer mill

Electric hammer mill is also an ideal machinery for crushing cereals and other agriculture products, like dry and fresh sweet potato, corn, crop, wheat, bean, and crop husk. So it applies widely to poultry feeding, livestock farm, fodder producer, biomass pellet plant, and cooking oil processing plant.

TICO electric hammer mill can work individually or support the use of pellet making machine. You can use a hammer mill to crush biomass materials into powder, then use a pellet making machine to make it into cylindrical pellets. Crushed materials are easy to pelletizing, and represent higher combustion ratio. The size of end products ranges from 1mm to 30mm, and the length of raw materials is not restricted.

TFS420 hammer mill
FSP420 Electric hammer mill
TFS500 hammer mill
FSP500 Electric hammer mill
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Specifications of electric hammer mill

The power type of the elctric hammer mill includes single phase and 3 phase, from 2.2kw – 37kw. Outputs range from 100kg/h to 2100kg/h. Among these types, FSP 500 is equipped with a cyclone, and the capacity is the largest.

You can choose the right type based on your demand or consult our sales representatives. The chart below shows specific parameters of electric motor hammer mill.

Model Output Capacity (kg/h) Power Screen mesh (standard) Hammer Quantity Diamesion (mm) Weight (kg)
FSP 158B 100-200 2.2KW Single phase 4 16 750*450*730 75/85
FSP 198B 240-400 3KW 3 phase 4 16 1000*750*1120 120/135
4KW 3 phase
FSP 420B 800-1000 7.5KW 3 phase 5 16 1200*1000*1220 250/270
11KW 3 phase 300/320
FSP500B -28 1000-1200 11KW 3 phase 5 16 2200*1000*1020 470/500
15KW 3 phase 500/530
FSP500B -40 1200-1700 22KW 3 phase 5 24 2200*1050*1020 710/755
30KW 3 phase 2200*1100*1270 800/835
FSP500B -60 1700-2100 37KW 3 phase 5 36 2300*1150*1350 1150/1230

Working principle of hammer mill

When raw materials are conveyed into the crushing chamber through the feed hopper, they get pulverized by the rapidly rotating hammer plates. After the materials are smashed, extruded and scraped by the hammer plate, truss plate and screen, they are expelled out by the centrifugal force of rotor and suction force of the fan. This process will be undertaken for multiple times until raw materials are small enough to pass through the screen mesh.

Advantages of Electric hammer mill FSP

  • This electric hammer mill can accomplish smashing and separating 2 functions. With all fine powder recycled, it effectively avoid dust pollution.
  • The hammer mill is equipped with a air flow regulating valve, with which you can adjust the fineness of wood powder without stopping the machine.
  • Equipped with a self-cooling system, it works under low temperature and achieves uniform size of pellet products.
  • The electric hammer mill FSP series adopts features compact structure, small size, low power consumption, high efficiency and low noise.
  • All components are sealed by metal cover, ensures stable performance and long working life. It is easy to install, disassemble and replace spare parts.

Warranty policy

We guarantee each of our products is qualified. The warranty time is 12 months since the release date. During the warranty period, we can replace the defective hammer mill for free. (customers have to bear the expense of freightage).

We reserve the right to require customers to send defective products to our workshop for inspection.

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