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How to use straw to produce biomass pellet fuel?

Biomass pellets are made from agricultural waste and various straws by crushing, extrusion and drying at a certain temperature. Biomass pellet fuel has good economic, environmental and social benefits as a substitute for non-renewable fuels such as coal and petroleum.

Necessity of biomass pellet fuel energy

Energy and environment are facing severe crises. Therefore, changing the energy consumption structure and preventing air pollution have become an important issue for the sustainable development of society and economy. It is urgent to find clean energy to replace fossil energy such as coal and oil. As a renewable and clean energy, biomass energy has attracted more and more attention. Biomass energy refers to the energy stored in the organism. Green plants store energy within organisms by converting solar energy into chemical energy through chlorophyll. For example, straw, as a biomass raw material, has great potential for deep development. The utilization of biomass can be divided into many kinds. Processing biomass into small pellet fuel is an advanced way of biomass utilization. Ash produced after combustion is a good natural fertilizer. At present, biomass pellet fuel gasification combustion is a clean and environmentally friendly combustion mode, which is of great significance to reduce pollutant emissions and protect the atmospheric environment. The sulfur content of biomass pellet fuel is less than 1/10 of that of coal. It can effectively reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere by replacing coal combustion.

straw pellets

Principle and technological process of straw pellets

Biomass pellet fuel is a kind of pellet fuel with high calorific value, good strength, low pollutant content, stable performance and good turbidity. Biomass pellet fuel is a kind of pellet fuel which is processed from crop waste (straw, etc.) through advanced production technology. The specific technological process is as follows.

Collection of crop waste (straw, etc) - drying - crushing - ingredient - hot compression - forming - granulation - bagging - storage

Preparation methods of straw pellets

Using corn straw and rice straw as raw materials. Dry the raw materials to a suitable moisture content, the dried raw materials are crushed by a crusher. After the powder raw materials are added with water, mixing evenly with mixer and controlling the moisture content. The homogeneous mixture is softened by steam and transferred to the pellet mill for extrusion and pelletization. The straw pellets are conveyed to the cooler for cooling and screening. The finished products are packed in special polypropylene laminated woven bags.

Main equipment for straw pellets

The main equipment needed in the process are grinder, mixer, pellet mill, conveyor, cooler and so on.

Straw pellet mill

Technical indicators and innovation of straw pellets

The technology of crop straw pellet fuel belongs to the application field of biomass energy. Without any additives, the crop straw is made into pellet fuel, which has high density, high forming rate and high calorific value. The product can be used not only for special boilers, heating furnaces, fireplaces and other fuels, but also as feed for livestock.

Benefit analysis of straw pellets

Economic, environmental and social benefits

Costs are estimated through raw material costs, fuel and power costs, wages and benefits, depreciation of equipment, interest on loans, etc. Calculate the profit based on sales.

The improper disposal of crop straw will pollute the environment to a certain extent. The pellet fuel made from crop straw is burned in a special gasification boiler. The thermal efficiency is 81%. The emission of CO2 and SO2 is near zero. It can replace non-renewable fuels such as coal and oil, and reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

The completion of the project can not only increase farmers' income, but also expand employment and reduce social unemployment. Pellet fuel can replace non-renewable energy and solve the energy crisis. It has certain social benefits for building a sustainable energy system and promoting national economic development.

Application prospects of straw pellets

Biomass pellet fuel uses waste crops as raw materials. Local materials and production reduce the transportation cost of agricultural waste and pollution in the transportation process. Biomass pellet fuel has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and non-renewable resources saving, which alleviates the contradiction between the shortage of electricity and oil. With the popularization and application of biomass fuel boilers, the demand for biomass pellet fuel is bound to increase substantially. As a clean and renewable energy source, it can also strive to improve product quality, reduce production costs and develop supporting products. It has a bright future.

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