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Diesel hammer mill

Diesel engine hammer mill is used to crush the wood and biomass materials and reduce their size. As we know, to make biomass pellets, the size of raw materials should be 3-5mm. This hammer mill is driven by a diesel engine, whose powers are from 15hp to 55hp. It has 2 models, FSP 420A and FSP 500A. Their production capacities are 800-1000kg/h, 1000-2000kg/h and 1200-1700kg/h.Besides, we provide electric hammer mill with more models.

diesel hammer mill
diesel hammer mill

The diesel hammer mill applied to various biomass materials, like rice straw, rice husk, wheat straw, peanut shell, cotton stalk, cornstalk, coconut shell, palm kernel shell, grass, branches, barks, etc. The final products of the hammer mill is fine and uniform. They are widely used to make biomass pellet fuel, animal feed and bedding, and other wood products.

Diesel engine hammer mill plays important roles in wood processing factories, biomass fuel production plants, grain and oil processing plant, chemical plant, feed mills, and livestock farm. With small size and easy operation, it is suitable for home use. If you plan to make wood pellet fuel on your own, a pellet mill and a hammer mill is necessary, because the raw materials are usually not in the right sizes.

wood chips and wood powders
Hammer mill crush large wood chips into fine wood powders

Specifications of diesel hammer mills

Model Output Capacity (kg/h) Power Screen mesh (standard) Hammer Quantity Diamesion (mm) Weight (kg)
FSP420A15 800-1000 15hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP420A22 800-1000 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 390/410
FSP500A -28 1000-1200 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP500A -40 1200-1700 55hp 5 24 2250*1150*1270 995/1065

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Performance features of diesel hammer mill

  • It can accomplish the 2 processes of fine grinding and fine powder sorting. The size of wood powders are uniform.
  • All wood powders are recycled, so there is no dust pollution.
  • The flow regulating valve allows you to control the fineness of the wood powder without shutting the hammer mill down.
  • This hammer mill has self-cooling function. The temperature doesn’t rise too much in working.
  • Compact structure, small size, low power consumption, high energy efficiency and low noise.
  • Good sealing, reliable performance, good self-cooling effect, easy installation, maintenance and replacing parts.
diesel hammer mill details
diesel hammer mill details

How does a diesel hammer mill work?

A hammer mill is composed of a feed hopper, discharge hopper, engine body, air blower, rotator fixed with hammers, screen cloth, cyclone, etc.

diesel hammer mill structure

When you feed raw materials into the feed hopper, they fall into the crushing chamber, where the high-speed rotating hammers crush them into small particles. Under the centrifugal force, the crushed materials are thrown to the outer edge of the hammers. They are crushed, smashed and rubbed by the hammers, toothed plates and screen cloth.

Then, under the centrifugal force and the suction of blower, the crushed materials are send out though the screen cloth. Those sawdust larger than the screen cloth will be further crushed until they can get through the screen cloth.

hammer crusher working principle

How to operate and maintain a hammer mill?

  • Read the operation manual carefully before starting the machine. Learn about the specifications and structure of the hammer mill and the operation cautions.
  • Adjust and maintain the hammer mill to right condition. Check if the fasteners are tightened up, and the connecting parts are fully lubricated.
  • Make sure the protective measures are in place, and the suction system is in right condition. Then you can start the diesel engine. After 2-3min idle running, if there is no abnormal noise, you can feed raw materials to the hammer mill.
  • Feed the raw materials in a constant speed. Don’t make the hammer mill overloaded. You can add a adjusting plate to control the feeding volume. If the raw materials get blocked in the feed hopper, never push them with your hands or sticks.
  • When the storage bag, pool or silo are full up. You should remove the sawdust in time, in case they get back to the hammer mill and affect the working of the hammer mill.
  • The screen cloth must fit into the lower body in case the raw materials leak out and influence the crushing effect.
  • If there are abnormal noise in the working, shut down the machine at once. Never clear troubles when the hammer mill is running.
  • Check the worn condition of the hammers, and whether the cotter pin has broken off. Replace the wearing parts in time. Open up the upper cover and replace the spare part as the machine is not running.
  • After exam and repair the hammer mill, close the upper cover, keep the upper and lower body in a line, and fasten the handwheel. Turn the spindle and make sure it rotate freely and no friction or impact on the shell.
  • Every time when it finish working, let the hammer mill idle for 5-10min and clear up all the remnant materials, then you can shut it down. Remember to lubricate the bearing and shafts regularly.
diesel engine hammer mill
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