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What are the types of wood briquette machine?

Biomass is a renewable and green energy. It can be used as biomass molding fuel, biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel, etc. Biomass molding fuel is the simplest and the most widely used technology. It has 2 forms, wood pellets and biomass briquettes. They are different in size, density and application scope. Although wood pellets have wider application currently, biomass briquettes has many advantages and are popular in many areas.

Benefits of biomass briquettes

  • The application of biomass briquettes can reduce deforestation. It can make full use of the crop wastes and forestry wastes. Briquettes also has better burning efficiency than wood logs.
  • Biomass briquettes can make full use of wastes. The by-products of panel and furniture manufacturers take a great deal of money to tackle. By processing them into briquettes and sell to boiler users can make considerable profits.
  • Residue derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF) requires high expenses to dispose. When made into fuel, they can be sold as an energy and make profits for the country.
  • Biomass briquettes for stoves. Biomass briquettes can replace charcoal in stoves. Rural residents can make agriculture wastes into briquette fuel and use for heating or cooking.
  • Make carbonized wood at low cost. Carbonized wood are hard to process due to high friction and low adhesive force. Biomass briquettes are cheap to make and convenient to carbonize.
  • Increase the biogas production. Usually, wheat straw can’t be used in biogas production because it can’t absorb water. In the briquetting process, the high heat and mechanical compression change the straw structure. Adding 10% briquettes to the anaerobic digester can increase 150% biogas production.
wood briquettes

Types of wood briquette machine

According to different mechanical principle, wood briquette machines can be classified into stamping briquette machine, hydraulic briquette machine, and screw briquette machine.

Stamping briquette machine

Stamping briquette machine is designed similar with eccentric press. The rotating eccentric part connected with the piston presses the raw materials into the tapered die and form into briquettes. Large flywheel ensures quiet and balanced operation, about 270 times per minute. The briquettes get cooled and harden in the cooling pipe, which transmit the briquettes out. The stamping briquette press works automatically and requires little maintenance. Sturdy design ensures long working life, about 7000-8000 hours per year.

The biomass briquettes made by stamping briquette machine can be used in wood-fired and coal-fired boiler. The length of briquettes can be random or the same. Stamping briquette machine features high capacity, low cost, and high density.

stamping briquette machine

Hydraulic briquette machine

In a hydraulic briquette machine, the raw materials are fed to the compression chamber by the quantitative screw. Then the main piston press the raw materials into the mold and form into briquettes.

The compression process is slow in hydraulic briquette machine, about 6-25 cycles per minutes according to the feed quantity or briquette density. Traditionally, small hydraulic briquette machine has the capacity of 50-300kg/h. The diameter of cylindrical briquettes is 50-75mm, and the length is around 150mm. Currently, the hydraulic briquettes can be rectangle, and the size can be larger. The production capacity is up to 1.5t/h.

Rectangle briquettes has uniform size and easy to store. The density is lower than 1t/m3. The burning time is short. We can mix large-size materials to produce high-quality briquette, and used in fireplace and firewood stoves.

hydraulic briquette machine

Screw briquette machine

The feed screw send the raw materials into the compression chamber, the cone compression screw press them into taper mold and extension mold. The compression screw rotates at the speed of 800r per minutes, and increase the temperature to 300℃ by the fraction and heating process.

The capacity of screw briquette press can reach up to 500kg/h. It is equipped with a small silo, PLC control panel, gas hood, and a saw. It requires uniform and fine materials, whose water content is 6-8%. With such materials, it can make high-density and high-quality briquettes that burn longer than other fuels.

screw briquette machine

How to select wood briquette machine?

Faced with so many types of briquette machine and manufacturers, how to choose a high quality briquette machine is a problem. You should pay attention to the following aspects: appearance, fastening condition, safety, test run, and final products quality.

  • Inspect the machine appearance. The spray paint on the briquette machine should be uniform and steady, without exposed undercoat, sagging or peeling. The chrome plated part should be well polished, without peeling or corrosion. The stainless steel surface should be smooth, with neat polished pattern and no bumping.
  • Check the fastening of main body, under-frame, drive engine. Check whether the fastening bolts are tight. Ensure the feeding port and discharge port are not blocked, the connecting parts are sealed tightly.
  • Inspect the safety. The transmission system, whatever belt pulley, transmission shaft, or flange plate, should be shield with hood. These hoods should be tightly installed so that they can protect the safety of operators.
  • Test run the briquette machine. During idling, there shouldn’t be any irregular vibration, crashing, or fraction. After confirming the idling is normal, you can feed some biomass materials, and check the quality of biomass briquettes.
  • At last, make certain the capacity of the briquette machine meet your production requirement. Choose the briquette machines that can process various materials rather than those only applying to a certain material.
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