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Make your own paper pellet and wood pellet cat litter

Cat littler is used to bury cat feces and urine, usually in cat litter box or cat toilet. When you pour some cat litter to the box, the trained cats can get to the box and excrete on it. Cat litter is frequently used by cat owners, it can help keep the room clean. Generally, there are 5 types of cat litter: wood pellet cat litter, paper pellet cat litter, bentonite cat litter, silica gel cat litters, and tofu cat litter.
wood pellet cat litter

Wood pellet cat litter

Wood pellet cat litter is made of pine wood, pulp or wheat by-products, sometimes added with natural binders. With little ash or dusts, it is environmental friendly.

Wood pellet cat litter has similar effects with silica gel. It has good caking and deodorization effects, and high resistance to penetration. The used cat litter can be washed away through the toilet, without too much cleaning work.

After absorbing the urine, the wood pellets will turn into powder. After all cat litter in the box turn into powder, you can discard them all. Generally, wood pellet cat litters have longer use time.

Wood pellet cat litter have less stinks, but with some wood flavors. Some cats may don't like its touch and flavor. It’s price is higher than silica gel cat litter.

Pros and cons of wood pellet cat litter

  • Pros:
  • Good water absorption ability.
  • Less peculiar smell
  • Low wear rate, long use time.
  • Convenient to use, rush it into the toilet after use.
  • According to research, reduce the risk of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases.
  • Cons:
  • Wood pellet cat litter is easy to be damp.
  • Some cats don’t like the flavor and touch of wood, and even refuse to use.
  • The price of wood pellet cat litter is a little higher than other materials.
  • Cats may take out the sawdust in wood pellets and pollute your room.

Paper pellet cat litter

Paper pellet cat litter is made of waste papers like newspapers. Some of them contains active carbon.

Paper pellet cat litter is a kind of soft litter. Paper pellets are similar with bentonite cat litter in size and hardness. Some paper pellets cat litter contains active carbon, which can improve the deodorization effects.

Paper pellet cat litter are less easy to cake. Although some paper pellets can cake in use, it will become a mass of paste. However, the paper pellets would turn gray after wet by urines, which are easy to recognize and clear away.

paper pellet litter

*If you have a pellet machine, you can use it to make wood pellet and paper pellet cat litter by hand. Crush the wood waste, crop waste, and waste papers and put them into the pellet machine, and you can get molded pellets. A pellet machine can help you deal with wastes and save your cost for cat litter. If you have interest, welcome to contact us.

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Other types of cat litters

Bentonite cat litter

Pros: easy to cake when wet. Low price. Most cats can accept it. Deodorization effects is general.

Cons: contain ash and dust, especially when the particle is small. Large weight. Easy to get stuck in the cat pads.

Notes: if you use bentonite cat litter, you’d better choose a fully enclosed single layer litter box to prevent flying dust. Or you can mix bentonite with some silica gel cat litters.

Silica gel cat litter

Pros: Better deodorization effect than bentonite. Light weight. Long use time.

Cons: large particle size. Some silica gels contains harmful additives, which may be eaten by cats. Notes: Some cats don’t accept pure silica gel litter, you can mix it with bentonite or other types of cat litters. Silica gels can absorb cat urine, so it has high deodorization effect at first. When the color turn yellow, you need to discard it.

Tofu cat litter

This type includes corn cat litter, green tea cat litter, etc. The same as pine wood pellet cat litter, tofu cat litter is in granular form.

Pros: It has similar features with wood pellet cat litter, but higher deodorization effect. It is clean and acceptable to most cats. It is easy to clean when the cat bring it out of the litter box.

Cons: The price is higher than other types of cat litter.

types of cat litter

How to choose suitable cat litters

To choose cat litter, you should pay attention to the following aspects.

  • The fragrance shouldn’t be too strong. Too strong fragrance means it contains many additives, and easy to cause sensitization. Cat litters with fragrance has worse odor-removal effect than those without it. Cats have shaper sense of smell than human, the fragrance to human may be pungent to cats. They don’t feel good with such scent.
  • Too much ash and dust is harmful. Dust in the cat litter does harm both to cats and human. Cats is used to bury their dung. When they dig the cat litter, the dust will fly and pollute the room.
  • Good feeling to the cat-pad. Cats would like to dig with their pad only when they feel good. If they don’t like the touch, they are unwilling to dung on it.
  • The litter ingredients are healthy. Buy cat litter from formal manufacturers who can ensure the quality and health. Too cheap cat litter usually have bad deodorize and water absorption effects.
  • High coagulative and water absorption ability. According to tests, pine wood pellet cat litter has the best absorption ability, then comes Tofu and corn cat littler, the last are bentonite and crystal cat litter.
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