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Where are wood pellet fuels used?

Compared with fossil fuels, biomass fuel is renewable and has proven to be stable in price. Biomass fuel includes wood pellets, wood chips, waste paper and other agricultural products and by-products, which is widely used as a renewable and clean energy for home heating and cooking. Compared with raw biomass materials, the pellet fuel produced by the pellet mills feature of uniformity and high efficiency, with less pollution emissions.

biomass pellets types

Why should you make biomass materials into pellets?

Nowadays, more and more people use biomass pellet mill to process biomass materials into pellets that are uniform in size, shape, moisture, density and heat value. Compared with direct burning of raw biomass, the pellet fuel has the following advantages:

The moisture content of pellets is lower, which means higher burning efficiency and easier handling especially in freezing situations.

The density of pellet fuel is substantially higher than raw biomass (40 lbs. per cubic foot verses 10-25 lbs. per cubic foot in raw material form). Thus, the transportation and storage of pellet fuel are more convenient.

Pellets are easier to use and control. Users can adjust the burning intensity by control the amount of pellets fed, and reduce the fuel waste. In addition, pellet fuel of high density and uniform shape can be stored in standard silos, transported and delivered in truck containers.
make biomass into pellets

Where are wood pellet fuels used?

Household cooking and heating system

Traditional stove use the firewood directly in rural area. It has low thermal value and difficult for storage, and it can’t realize the automatic control and feeding during operation. As for gas or electricity, the cost is very high. Therefore, the application of biomass pellet fuel not only improves the thermal efficiency of stove, but also facilitate storage and operation. It has wide marketing prospect.

Besides stoves, the biomass pellet fuels are also applied in home heating systems. In Nordic countries like Denmark and Hungary, the biomass heating system has been widely approved. The stove can work automatically based on the regulated mode, and work continuously for a week. It can add material automatically and control the temperature by adjusting the hot water supply.

pellet heating stove

Industrial boiler

The biomass pellets fuel are known as green coal. It is a clean and renewable energy. Used in the industrial boiler, it features long burning time, high combustion temperature, low cost and little pollution to the environment. It can replace wood, coal and natural gas with about half the cost of gas.

Now there are about 50,0000 industry boilers in China. The annual coal consumption is about 1/3 of the total coal consumption all over the country. The heavy pollution of the coal-fired boilers urge large amount of industry boiler to convert to use clean energy. As the biomass materials are abundant, it is eco-friendly and renewable to use the agro and forest waste in industry boilers. It is significant to develop biomass application technology and upgrade industrial boiler.

The application of biomass fuel in industrial boilers can save conventional energy, optimize energy structure, and reduce air pollution. It can solve the pollutions of direct burning, but also make good use of resources. The ash after burning is a good fertilizer and it is a win-win solution.

biomass industrial boiler

On the farm

Nowadays, many countries are developing air heating system for drying grain, poultry incubation, and heating in winter. These systems adopt biomass as fuel to replace of the oil and natural gas. In recent years, with the rising prices of agricultural products and climate change, new farm central heating system is getting more and more popular.

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