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Wood pellets uses

Wood pellets are usually used in 3 areas: heat supply, industrial boilers, and power generation.

Home heating, heat supply

They can be used in pellet heating stove and furnace. They can connect with pipes, boilers, and heating radiators to build a heating system at home. Wood pellets are clean, with little ash residues. It is convenient to store, transport, and use.

Industrial boiler fuels

Wood pellets are used in industrial boilers as an alternative for coal and natural gas. Conventional fuels usually have the problems of pollution or high cost. Wood pellets are carbon neutral, with little sulfur or nitrogen content.

Thermal and gasification power generation

Wood pellets also serves as fuel for thermal power generation and gasification power generation. It has high heat value and low pollutant emission. Many countries have carried out policies to encourage biomass power generation.

Advantages of wood pellet fuels

  • High heat value. The calorific value of wood pellets is between 3900-4800Kcal/kg. The carbonized wood pellets have the heat value of 7000-8000Kcal/kg.
  • High purity. Wood pellets have 75-85% carbon, 3-6% ash, 1-3% water, with little impurities.
  • Wood pellets don’t contain quinalphos that cause boiler corrosion. It can prolong the working life of boilers so as to save equipment cost.
  • The burning of biomass pellets don’t generate SO2 or P2O5, so it has little pollution to the atmosphere.
  • Wood pellets are clean, small and uniform in size. It is easy to use in stoves and boilers. It can be fed automatically with a feeder, and save labor cost.
  • Burning wood pellets generate a small quantity of ash residues. It can save the space for slag piling, and the cost for treatment. The ash of wood pellet fuels are high quality organic potash fertilizer that is recyclable.
  • As a renewable energy, wood pellets has received subsidies from governments in many countries. With more restrictions on polluting fuels, wood pellets will have more advantages.

Application of biomass boiler and wood pellet fuel
Application of biomass boiler and wood pellet fuel

Biomass boiler adopts wood pellets as fuel. They can solve the problems of pollutant emission of coal-fired boiler. Specialized biomass burning device can realize high combustion efficiency of biomass fuel.

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Why you should use a wood pellet heating stove?
Why you should use a wood pellet heating stove?

Wood pellet heating stove is widely applied in home heating. It can form a home pellet heating system by connecting with heating radiators. Wood pellet heaters are clean and cost-efficient.

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How to choose suitable wood pellet fuel for your boiler?
How to choose suitable wood pellet fuel for your boiler?

To choose suitable wood pellet fuel for the pellet burner, you should strike a balance between the quality and price and learn about the requirement of your pellet burner.

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